At the start of the 2019 spring semester, SUSTech has launched the "Top Ten Achievementa of Southern University of Science and Technology in 2018." It has been an amazing year for SUSTech, with SUSTech faculty members and students making remarkable achievements in all aspects of its development.

May 10 saw the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council announce that SUSTech has been successful in its application for a doctoral degree awarding unit, becoming the fastest university in mainland China to obtain doctoral authorized units. On September 26, Times Higher Education (THE) published its "World University Ranking 2018-2019". SUSTech entered for the first time and was ranked eighth in mainland China. SUSTech ranked fourth among the rising stars of the Nature Index 2018 released in September, and first among the rising stars of young universities. The Department of Chemistry and Department of Materials Science and Engineering both entered the top 1% of ESI globally. On November 13, Guangdong Province announced the list of universities to be built under the plan for promoting key academic disciplines and higher education institutions. SUSTech was selected as a high-level university to focus on the development of higher education institutions.

SUSTech’s achievements reflect positively on the effort of everyone on campus. 2018 will be forever recorded in the annals of SUSTech and is a new starting point for the common goals.

In the new semester under the new era, SUSTech will reflect on its past achievements and continue from a new starting point. SUSTech will continue to carry forward the spirit of "daring to try, seeking truth and pragmatism, reforming and innovating, and pursuing excellence". SUSTech will strive for Double First-Class status. With a higher historical position and a wider international perspective, SUSTech will build a world-class university, rooted in China. SUSTech will write better chapters on the road to finding better educational examples.

2019 appears to be both promising and exciting.

A Solid Foundation Strengthens the Development of the Party work


In 2018, the SUSTech party committee adhered to the "all-around leadership of the party and the governance of modern universities, in order to make the party building work well with the attitude of reform and innovation. Taking all aspects of strengthening the construction of the faculties and departments of the school as a starting point, we have taken a number of measures to lay a solid foundation for party building work, highlight the characteristics of party building work, and push the party building work of SUSTech to a new height.

In April, the SUSTech party committee held a 2018 party building work conference to study and deploy the key tasks of party building in the next stage.

In December, the Party Committee of the College of Engineering and the Party Committee of the College of Science was established. This is the first-level college party committee created by SUSTech, which opened a new chapter in the milestone of the college development. 

In December the Municipal Party Committee First Inspection Team gave feedback about the inspections from September 11 to November 9 to the party committee of SUSTech. SUSTech took this as an opportunity to promote reform and development according to the inspection, combining the implementation of the rectification and the school's central work together. Through inspecting and rectify the party development, teaching, scientific research and management of the school, SUSTech is encouraged in all types of works to reach new heights.